Quick Facts About Hilary Swank


Photo by Manfred Werner

 Hilary’s middle name is Ann.

 Hilary was born on July 30th, 1974.

 Hilary has been acting professionaly since she was 16 years old.

 Hilary was discovered by producer Suzy Sachs.

 Hilary’s mother’s name is Judy.

 Hilary owns a parrot and a cat named Tallinn.

 Hilary is of Spanish and Native American heritage.

 Hilary is left-handed.

 Hilary competed in the Junior Olympics and Washington state championships in swimming.

 Hilary ranked fifth in the state in all-around gymnastics.

 Hilary met her husband, Chad Lowe, on the set of the film “Quiet Days in Hollywood.”

 Hilary and Chad Lowe married on September 28th, 1997.

 Hilary cut off all her hair for her role in “Boys Don’t Cry.”

 Hilary was payed $75.00 a day for her work in “Boys Don’t Cry.”

 Hilary was named one of ‘People’s Most Beautiful People’ in the year 2000.

 Hilary does volunteer work in her community.

 Hilary currently resides in New York City.

 Hilary doesn’t drink and doesn’t smoke.

 While training for “Million Dollar Baby”, Hilary developed a potentially life-threatening staphylococcus infection.

 Hilary rides the subway regularly.

 Hilary’s father was an Air National Guardsman and later a traveling salesman.

 Hilary made the move to Hollywood with her mother when she was fifteen ( and a half ) years old.

 Hilary is certified in CPR.

 Hilary is included in a very elite group of women for winning the Academy Award for Best Leading Actress Oscar twice.

 Hilary loves shoes! She’s quoted with saying “I’m a shoe girl.”

 Hilary enjoys eating Indian food.

 Guilty Pleasure: Hilary loves banana splits.

 Hilary’s favorite musicians are James Taylor and Van Morrison.

 Hilary loves Reality TV.

 Hilary has two celebrity crushes: Johnny Depp and Ewan McGregor.