About Wondrous: Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank [noun] ; See Wondrous
Wondrous [adjective] ; One that is to be marveled at / Extraordinary

• Site Name: Wondrous: Hilary Swank
• Opened: January 23rd, 2005
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» March 29th, 2005 / It’s been a wild ride for me to watch this website transform itself over the past few months. This website opened to the public on January 23rd, 2005 and it’s become my baby. [ my “macushla” rather ] I decided to start this website after seeing Hilary’s tremendous performance as Maggie Fitzgerald in “Million Dollar Baby.” I was, like much of the public, in awe of the performace and film. I had always been a fan of Hilary’s and knew of her capabilities as an actress. [ see “Boy’s Don’t Cry” ] but after seeing “Million Dollar Baby,” I knew that I wanted to find out more. I searched the web and was shocked at the lack of web-support for this amazing woman. Hilary deserved an in-depth and up-to-date website and that’s how this website began.


Version 1 [ January 23rd, 2005 – March 28th, 2005 ]
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Awarded by Eva Mendes Online [ April 2005 ]

Awarded by Beautiful Angelina [ April 2005 ]

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